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Committed to Excellence

We founded Fono Samoa NSW on God!

Talofa, malo le soifua manuia!

Welcome to our first ever website!

Fono Samoa NSW Inc is working hard bringing the community together so to be in a position to help other Samoan people. This is no easy task because it sounds great but the delivery is not easy as it takes trial and error. We have reviewed and evaluated how things happened in the past and now look forward to moving on up with your help and suggestions. 

Together with a shared vision and a professional team at the helm of operations we will make the necessary changes to make some positive change within the way the Fono Samoa NSW operates in terms of service of the Samoan community here in NSW.  We have a new team of young adults and experience leaders from Samoan Christian and other Samoan communities.


We have also a good mix of experienced members who will be at the tip of the spear in bringing our Samoan professionals together and organising ourselves to make some much needed changes and progression.

Our goal for the second quarter of 2023, is to deliver the suite of programs for Samoa Independence day celebrations including the 'Samoa Independence Church service', 'Samoa Day 2023', and the 'Samoa Independence Ball'.

Please check out the times and dates in the menu section.

Following the Independence Day activities, the Fono Samoa NSW will be holding general elections, these will be followed by Annual Program consultations online and in person. Through these consultations we will engage the Samoan community to contribute program ideas for our operations team to assist in developing and delivering in the future.

Fono Samoa NSW will deliver the first of these important programs that resonate with our communities. And while we are excited to work hard to assist our people, it is important for us and the community to understand that Fono Samoa NSW cannot solve all Samoan problems. What we can do is work with government and other agencies such as Health, Welfare, Education, Sports, Arts & Sciences to properly assist our people.


You can be part of this movement and growth by making contact with us and sharing your skills and knowledge to add to our growing team. Leave us a message and we will certainly will reply to you.

Look forward to talking to youth, young adults, and our elderly!

In short.


  • Fono Samoa NSW is a not for profit organisation established by church, cultural and community leaders in the state of NSW to serve our residents and citizens of Australia

  • First established and formed in 1986 under Samoa Advisory Council

  • Its main aims are to assist Samoa families and disseminate vital information relevant to our communities and to further create programs to suit the needs of the community

  • 10,000 Samoans attend Samoa Day every year for the last 10 years

  • In 2022 15,000 Samoans were in attendance for the 60th Independence Day celebrations. We did not have Samoa day for 2 years prior due to COVID-19 and Delta.

We look forward to over the coming months to showcase on this website past Fono Samoa NSW earlier history as we go forward in time!

So come back and check in get the latest and travel with us back through time!

Together forever!

Alofa tele atu

Ma le Fa'aaloalo

Fono Samoa NSW Inc

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