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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Talofa, malo le soifua manuia!


Fono Samoa NSW stands on the shoulders of so many of our past and present  community leaders and influencers and especially our ancestors who navigated  and discovered and lead Samoa, and have further journeyed to Australia


 We at Fono Samoa NSW are looking forward to working with our Samoan community to further assist where possible. As a group of volunteers we look to build further capacity for high priority areas of our community through consultation processes and analysis and coming together to create projects that are useful and resonate with our community.


We acknowledge the work of so many Samoan's that have come to assist and be part of the vision! especially those who have passed away

. In time this website will be able to collate this history and to acknowledge peoples vision and commitment. 

Since 2010, we have held many successful events 'Samoa Day' 'Independence Balls' Independence day Church services' and many other events. We look to with the help of our Samoan professionals in the coming months come together we can build a creative and loving space for our people to work together!

We encourage Samoan people to attend meetings and hear for yourself the vision and goals and objectives, including programs we are looking to produce for the benefit of the Samoan community.

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Our Clients

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