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What we are working towards.

  • Our own building temporary offices and work spaces

  • Partnerships with Governments and NGO's

  • Building multi-generational programs that are reflective of their needs

  • Sports days

  • Arts & cultural Programs

  • Elderly Programs

  • Disability programs

  • Inclusiveness programs

  • projects that make our people happy

  • Building inter faith relations with all denominations, and religions

  • Let us know what you would like to see the Fono Samoa NSW work towards??

  • Coming up this week on our Web

  • Meet the team-Fono Samoa NSW Inc

  • More about the Samoa Day 2023

  • More about Samoa Independence Ball 2023

  • More about Samoa Independence, inter faith Church Service

  • Stalls & Ball  Payment Portal activated Friday 28th April 2023.6PM  EST

  • Story of the Mau 'Samoa mo Samoa'

  • Samoa Spotlight 'Samoan in Sydney'

  • weekly Giveaways and how to win.

  • New Socials Links META

  • How to become a sponsor of Fono Samoa NSW inc?

  • Other news and updates


Let’s Work Together

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