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Image from Victoria Harbutt: Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts.

Samoa Day 2023-Performances

Over the years Samoans from New South Wales and other states and at times from abroad travel to perform and celebrate their Samoan culture here in Sydney Australia. Performing groups of all types including, church groups, bands, individuals  of all ages ! We are excited to expand the types of performances to showcase the diversity in performance.

We are now adding bands of all music genres, Samoans that are leading the way for our people in local and mainstream. We rely on the generosity of our people within the arts & Culture sector, mainly performing arts

Production needs!

Playback-Music to be played on the day Must be emailed and digital transfer. We will will not accept telephones or any other devices.

All music to be played on the day will need to be sent via any form of digital transfer eg Google docs link, Drop box to the email below ABOVE  BY WEDNESDAY 7TH JUNE.

It is important for Samoa Day Stage Production to have all music collated and tested to (1) Save time (2) to be completely professional and efficient

This will allow us to test all the music so that there are no complications and delays on the day and that we are running to schedule, especially with a large cast of performers!.

Registration form

Please provide below in the message area the answers to these questions by pressing the send button below

Name of Group?.

How many people performing?.

Technical requirements?.

Group Leader name?

Group leader mobile?

Any special needs?

Please understand that we will try our best to accomodate the preferable time, but we can not guarantee the exact time for your performance as we will be dealing with over 50 groups this year, so please provide a preference or let us know that you are highly flexible!! Thank you!

Please provide a 100 word brief for the MC introduction

PLEASE PROVIDE Pic of the group for Website release of all the performers ( FINAL Program to be released on website Sunday 4th June 2023) please send High res 300 dpi plus to email below

Anything we have left out please let us know

Fa'afetai lava

Stage Production Team

Fono Samoa NSW

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

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