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What is Over/Under 2 1/4? Instructions for Reading Odds and Winning Bets

I. A few words about Over/Under Odds 2 1/4:

The over/under bet of 2 1/4, or 2.25, is a popular the betting site option at bookmakers, especially in matches in South America and Italy. This bet often appears when both teams aim for a defensive style of play rather than an offensive style, based on the bookmaker's assessment of the teams' personalities and tactics.

II. How to Read Odds and Decide to Bet:

Defensive Play:

The match between teams applied tight defensive tactics.

The score prediction can be lower or equal to 2.

The bookmaker offers an over/under bet of 2 1/4, the only goal is to predict the exact score.

Easy to Play and Understand:

Understandable because we only care about the final score of the match.

Pay attention to the total number of goals (90 minutes and overtime).

III. Result of Over/Under 2 1/4:

Result 1: Under 2 Goals:

Players betting on Over will lose if the final score is less than 2 goals.

Betting on the under will win.

Result 2: Total Goals = 2:

Over loses part of the bet.

The under bet will be returned a portion of the bet.